Our company was founded in 1968 by a young married couple who began their lives as orphans, Richard (Dick) Peterson and wife Donna. They began their company with no help other than their teamwork and commitment. Dick, a Navy Veteran, became a Master Plumber and Donna became one of Texas’ first female Journeyman Plumbers. And they did it all while raising a family & volunteering in Boy and Girl Scouts, PTA and other civic and charitable organizations. Work was 7 days a week and vacations were non-existent. Despite several economic downturns in the U.S., and three major Hurricanes which destroyed much of what the couple had built, A-1 Peterson Plumbing has survived to celebrate 46 years in business! Unfortunately, Mr. Peterson passed away after Hurricane Rita in 2006, but his legacy survives though his wife and two sons, William “Bill” and Richard II.

A-1 Peterson Plumbing Company is the oldest operating full service plumbing company in Orange County. We are the area’s most diversified plumbing company, providing assistance in areas of drain cleaning, hydro-jet line blasting, new construction, plumbing upgrades, gas piping, backflow, septic tank and aeration pumping and installation, portable toilets, fire lines, water heaters and water testing.

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The oldest family owned and operated plumbing

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A-1 Peterson Plumbing was built with sweat, sacrifice and determination and the Peterson Family works hard to ensure that the legacy of our founders, --providing top quality plumbing services to the local area and job opportunities to our employees-- continues well into the next generation! We were here in 1968, we are here Today and you can count on

us being here to stand behind our work Tomorrow!

  • We have been in business in Orange County for 46 years.

  • We are licensed, binded and insured for your protection.

  • We employ master, journeymen and apprentice plumbers with a total of over 170 years of plumbing experience!

  • All employees are drug tested before hiring, annually and at random intervals.

  • All employees are US citizens and speak English.

  • All employees are ISTC (safety) trained and certified and TWIC (Maritime ID) certified.

  • Our company has an A+ rating with the BBB and we have a 100% safety record.

  • We have been honored several times for our commitment to Hiring Military Veterans.

  • We are female owned and employ a diverse workforce.

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